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About Us

We are a group of passionate individuals with a mission to give back to cancer patient and survivors by honoring their heroic journey through different art forms.

We Celebrate Life

Whether you’re a patient, survivor, caretaker or loved one of a survivor, our goal is to celebrate you!

Get Involved

All voluntary projects, including our annual photoshoot, need people and support to drive those fundraisers.

Our Mission

Art Healing

We want to create healing through various art forms such as photography and journaling to help heal the heart and soul.

Provide Support

We are here for your every step of the way through your cancer journey and celebrate every milestone.


We have a network of community partners who we refer our supporters to for specific needs.

It All Started
With A Vision

In 2017, a dream was started when Gail Camp, CYL founder, was asked to donate her time at a local charity event to take pictures of cancer survivors during the fashion runway show. That dream has evolved into a new, life-long journey to create art healing through the art of photography and other various art forms.

With the support from our generous supporters, we will #FightTheInvisibleFight!

Become a Volunteer

We can’t give support without people like you. Do something amazing and make today the day you volunteer. Donating your time and talent could make all the difference!